About Me

Hare (pronounced Har-rei) is an energy worker of Japanese origin. I am male, young at heart but might not be very young physically.


My first encounter with energy work was Qigong, Chinese traditional energy training. I have been practicing Qigong as well as Tai Chi for over twenty years, and also became a Reiki master about a decade ago. After experiencing the energy flow from the universe in countless times, I found myself to be able to know the information contained in the descending energy and translate it into human language. That was the beginning of my channeling career. 


I also received the advanced energy works such as Karuna Reiki, Lightarian Reiki, Lightarian Ray, etc. Especially I found Seichim Reiki very profound, because it reminded me of my past (or parallel) experience in ancient Egypt as an ancient energy worker. I realized that I was going to awaken my ability acquired at that time frame, and utilize it for people of the Earth's space-time continuum right now to help the transition to the next stage.


I cannot say that I have been always very devoted to my newfound "mission," because I deviated from the path often, sometimes got sick or injured and hospitalized (due to my resistance, I suppose). Nevertheless I kept taking spiritual lessons which looked interesting to me, such as Theta Healing modality created by Ms. Vianna Stibal, cosmic transmissions by a famous channel Ms. Lyssa Royal, and Egyptian transmissions by Ms. Tracey Ash. I have also been inspired by watching channeling sessions of Abraham and Bashar. All of them contributed to deepen my understanding regarding the cosmic significance of my being here at this critical time for the Earth plane. I am sure this is the time for humanity to jump to the next stage of evolution and find "star friends" out there. Have you seen the Spielberg's classic movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"? That is the reality that we are expected to enter in the not so distant future.


I also studied spiritual philosophies of the East and the West, and authored a few books. However, I also felt that there is a limit to what human language can do to give the full expression of the cosmic reality.


At that time I happened to know that "speaking in tongues" has revived in Pentecostal and Charismatic movements of Christianity and that some people began practicing almost the same thing apart from Christian tradition and called it "cosmic language." It might sound gibberish to some people, but I found it was packed with strong energy. Thus I tried to do the same thing myself, and found I can easily make sounds that seemed to be cosmic language.


Meanwhile I have had sessions of a fellow healer with a strong spiritual lineage of shamanic cultures. Thanks to them I regained my abilities of a shaman, who is living one of my parallel lives, to use my voice to mediate between the universe and the Earth. Also, I found out the monthly YouTube videos of Ms. Jamye Price and knew the name of Light Language for the first time. I have been greatly inspired by those Light Language videos. Thus I read her recent book Opening to Light Language, and read about written forms of Light Language. After reading it, I felt a strong urge, like "I can do this." Once putting a pen on paper, I never stopped moving it and flowing with the energy. I know that doing this is itself a healing process for me. At that time I intuitively knew that I would create a Website to share what I have written (or spoken) with many like-minded people in the world. That is what you are seeing now. I created it because the energy showed me that networking is very important for us energy workers in order to make "energetic field" to facilitate the evolution.


Also, I created Egyptian Reiki by modifying the Seichim Reiki. I think it is one of my missions to share these Egyptian energies which have cosmic origins. I am sure there are many people out there who already "know" this energy. I would just give them an opportunity to remember it.


Moreover, I also created the Buddhist Reiki system. It is a product of my long-time study of Buddhism. Through my spiritual exploration I have realized that Buddhist deities truly exist in the subtle planes and help us to navigate through the material plane to finally reach the status of total awakening. I sincerely believe that the compassionate energies of these Buddha deities should be shared by many people in the world.


Finally, I recently began the Light Language Session, in which I will speak light language which is finely attuned to the energy of clients. It is intended to be a healing session by energetic sound. Sessions can be done in distance via Skype. The 20-30 minute session will cost US$40. Please contact me via the mail form if you are interested.


I firmly believe that we are all part of the One. We are going back to the One as we awaken to the vast, tremendous Love that pervades the universe. As Novalis said, "Love is the final end of the world history -- the Amen of the Universe." 


May peace prevail on Earth and every realm of the Universe.

We and God are One.

Thank you for your great love, all the guardian deities and guardian spirits of ours.


What is Cosmic Wind?

You see a picture of northern lights (aurora borealis) in the background of this page. As you know, northern lights are phenomena of electric discharge when the particles from the universe (cosmic wind) collide with the Earth's atmosphere. That is an excellent symbol of energy work or channeling, because that is precisely the same in that it occurs at the intersection between cosmic energy and the Earth plane.


In the Christian Bible, it is said "the wind blows wherever it pleases (John 3:8)." The "wind" in original Greek is "pneuma", which means not only wind but also "spirit." Yes, "cosmic wind" really means "pneuma," the energy from the Source, and it gives Life to everything (or, it is Life itself). Thus "cosmic wind" is Divine Spirit itself. Energy work is essentially receiving Divine Spirit and extending it in the human plane. Also in East Asia there is a long tradition of Life Force (qi) training. It is a very sacred practice, I believe, because through it we can realize what we really are, one with the universe.