Light Language

Light Language is a kind of channeling. Usually in channeling, we receive energy transmission from the universe (or some high-dimensional beings) and translate it into human language. Common channeling sessions such as Abraham, Kryon or Bashar are similar to simultaneous translation of foreign languages. However, in some occasions we do not translate cosmic transmission and speak or write it directly. That is called Light Language. 


Spoken Light Language has been called "speaking in tongues" in Christianity. It is said that Saint Paul practiced it as his own spiritual discipline. Since that time it has been often denounced, but recently it has revived in Pentecostal and Charismatic movements of Christianity.





Light Language is a more non-sectarian style of this practice. It can be said to be channeling with no translation provided, though a practitioner could give rough translation of her/his transmissions if necessary. In most cases, the energy can penetrate into people when human language does not interfere. Light Language is usually more powerful, charged intensely with cosmic energy and packed with information that can be deciphered later. It is more suitable to receive and enjoy it like a kind of art forms rather than seek left-brain understanding.


I, Hare (pronounced Har-rei), began my career as an energy worker with Qigong and Reiki. After experiencing the energy flow from the universe in countless times, I somehow began to be able to translate cosmic energy into human language, namely, channeling. Later, I found out some Light Language practitioners out there and realized that I can transform the cosmic energy I receive into non-human language and it could be much more powerful. Thus I started to make Light Language transmissions and decided to create this website to share them with people all over the world.



Men travel in manifold paths: whoso traces and compares these, will find strange Figures come to light; Figures which seem as if they belonged to that great Cipher-writing...


No explanation is required for Holy Writing. Whoso speaks truly is full of eternal life, and wonderfully related to genuine mysteries does his Writing appear to us, for it is a Concord from the Symphony of the Universe.


From Novalis's Pupils at Sais (Die Lehrlinge zu Sais)



(Original text in German)

Mannigfache Wege gehen die Menschen. Wer sie verfolgt und vergleicht, wird wunderliche Figuren entstehen sehn; Figuren, die zu jener großen Chiffernschrift zu gehören scheinen...


Keiner Erklärung bedarf die heilige Schrift. Wer wahrhaft spricht, ist des ewigen Lebens voll, und wunderbar verwandt mit echten Geheimnissen dünkt uns seine Schrift, denn sie ist ein Akkord aus des Weltalls Symphonie.


Writing Light Language

Sound and Script

*** Spoken and Written Light Language ***


I translated the energy contained in the scripts into sound forms.

I recommend that you see them in full screen to see the details of the scripts.


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Light Language Scripts

Below I show you some Light Language scripts I recently wrote. I receive energies from the universe (or some high-dimensional regions) and transform them into written forms. In some cases I transform them also into sound forms (in other words, I read them aloud), or roughly explain what they mean in human language (translation). Nevertheless, it is most often recommended to directly receive the energy transmission through these scripts.


The experience of writing them is very similar to what is called Automatic Writing. I never stop to wonder what comes next. No hesitation. The sense of flowing is one of the characteristics of high-dimensional energy.


In East Asian cultures there developed the tradition of calligraphy. It is not just for showing letters beautifully. It is literally called "the way of writing," whose ultimate purpose is communicating the Life Force (qi) through writing letters. Calligraphy works were evaluated based on how well the Life Force is transmitted via writings. Incidentally I have got basic training of this way of writing in my younger days, thus it might have influenced on my decision to choose writing scripts as my main way of expressing Light Language. 



Gallery of Light Language Scripts


Please notice that I have both horizontal and vertical writings. Vertical ones are written from top to bottom and from right to left, and horizontal ones are from left to right and from top to bottom.


Light Language scripts need to be seen "as a whole." You cannot say, "This part is saying such and such," because they have come from the non-linear world where everything is simultaneously happening. I recommend that you accept the scripts just as when you look at artworks. They do not consist of "letters" like human language. There is no "component" to build words or sentences. They are given as a whole. What counts most is the impression when you look at the scripts as a whole. In a word, do you feel energy?


Click on a picture to enlarge.

September 2016

Like Ancient Scripts


Please "read" from the top right corner of the right one, then going down, then to the next line to the left.

August 2016

Five Elements

Light Language scripts with the energies of five elements. According to the Chinese tradition, five elements are: Plant (represented by green), Fire (red), Earth (brown), Mineral (gold and silver) and Water (indigo). They are called Go-gyo (五行: Wu Xing in Chinese). Color correspondence is not the same as the traditional rendering. Written in August 2016.



Regarding the copyright: All my Light Language scripts are copyrighted and protected by copyright law applicable to Japan or your country. You cannot use them in public without proper notification regarding the source. If you want to use them beyond personal and non-profit usage, you should obtain prior permission from me.