Your Personal Light Language Script

Written with a brush-tip pen
Written with a brush-tip pen


I connect with the energy that is guiding or protecting you and make a Light Language script of it. It will function as a reminder of your spiritual guides and a connecting symbol to access their power. It will also facilitate the Light within to be integrated with your awareness. In short, it is an energized item best tuned for you.


After writing your script, I scan it and make a PDF or Jpeg file (whichever you prefer, or both) and send it to you by e-mail. (If possible, seeing your photo would be preferable to connect with the energy.) If you are a resident of Japan I can send you the original copy for an additional postage fee. Paper I use is approximately of B5 size (182 x 258 mm). I use either a brush-tip pen or a non-permanent marker, in the color I intuitively choose at the writing. There are horizontal and vertical writing versions, though horizontal writing is more common.


In addition, if you wish to get the sound version accompanying the script, I can offer the recording of it. 


Fee is 28 US$ for each script, payable via PayPal.  For a sound file please add 17 US$. Domestic postage inside Japan is 360 JPY (delivery in mailbox) or 510 JPY (delivery in person). Residents of Japan can choose bank transfer or Gift Card to send the fee in JPY. Please contact me via Contact page if you are interested.